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You can book individual face yoga consultations, sign up for group sessions or themed workshops. 


Come spend the time with me on learning how to make cosmetics from natural ingredients. 

Talk to me about dōTERRA products and get them at retail prices. 

essential oils

My name is Agnieszka aka Madame Verte. I live in Switzerland with my family where I moved almost seven years ago. While closing the doors of my professional career,  new possibilities opened up. I finally have time to pursue my countless passions and work for myself. In life, I am looking for harmony between body, spirit and mind. I love simplicity and nature.


I am a certified teacher of Face Yoga according to the Fumiko Takatsu method. Additionally, I deal with aromatherapy and natural care. I create my own cosmetics using natural essential oils. I also use oils in meditation. I run workshops and individual classes. 

I am also a part of the Women's Village project that is active in Switzerland. You can join our community on Facebook where we share ideas, network and organise workshops.

I am looking forward to meeting you, full of inspiration and new perspectives!

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